SOLOMAGIA Luxury Pad (Red) by TCC


After 140 days of continuous research and development, we have some new breakthroughs in our close-up pad: TCC introduces the Luxury Pad The surface is a custom pattern selected by us. It is the vintage curlicue pattern that is a fusion of Chinese and Western styles and it looks especially classy in the offered turquoise gray color. There will be 3 colors in total. The fabric is soft and feels comfortable. and does not produce a « color shifting » effect when you rub your hands across the surface. The intricate pattern exudes professionalism and elegance. Supported by high-density sponge, the surface is smoother and more professional. Not too hard, but soft enough. The sponge and the fabric are a perfect match and the excellent resilience underlines the properties of the fabric. The base is a hardwood board wrapped with black embossed lychee, which has high integrity and is non-slip and wear-resistant. We have used a high-quality black for the packaging. Card envelope with unique window design. You can intuitively feel the texture of the fabric and leather while seeing the color scheme. Experience it visually and haptically. Perfect for all types of close-ups. Sturdy without being too heavy. The air interface created by the raised pattern is perfect for playing cards and shuffling. Matte fabric is not too stiff and has moderate fluffiness. The fabric does not produce a « color change » effect when you rub your hands across the surface. Comfortable and soft to the touch. The fabric perfectly matches the high-density sponge, excellent resilience and soft cushioning on the surface. Leather bottom with black lychee embossing. Non-slip and wear-resistant. Both the top and bottom layers are supported by hardwood planks. High quality custom black card stock envelopes with a unique window design. You can see the product more clearly. The size is 50 x 34 x 1.2 cm and the weight is about 2.6 lbs.


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